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above:  "Reigning GT Minor Event Low Gross Champion," Sherpa JB.  Couldn't be more proud after clinching the GT Championship.  (the GT Museum also maintains a pictorial exhibit featuring the current low gross champ.)

above:  The "Reigning Goat Track Minor Event Low Gross Champion" trophy.  Check the "Wilie Li Memorial Open, 2012" recap, (when re-posted) to get a better idea of why this trophy is such a great concept.

GTOTY Trophies Awarded Pictured at left:

  • 2006 (not pictured here, but we'll get one of this classic, viewable in the GT Museum pic below).  Awarded with the classic presentation speech, "Nothing says 'golf expertise' like a girls' basketball trophy from a tag sale."
  • 2007 & 2008:  provided courtesy of the Tracker known as Rabbit Ears and the Cedar Point Yacht Club; there was a bin full of these left over when they cleaned up after their year end blowout; it only made sense to grab a couple.  A trophy so nice, we used it twice.
  • 2009: provided courtesy of the Rabbit Ears Attic Cleaning Group.  We generally eschewed golf trophies for this prestigious Award, but one from his grandfather's golf league in 1972 was worth making an exception.
  • 2010:  provided courtesy of another garage cleaner and fan of the site.  The pic doesn't do justice to the majesty of this former equestrian-ish trophy.

Recaps of Prior GT Minor Events

(reconstruction underway)

  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2007
  • 2006.

Most Recent GT Minor Event Recap...

The GT Championship

(recap under editorial review, will be posted soon)

Goat Tracker of the Year Trophies:  2006-2010

When Sherpa JB came up with the idea of awarding a trophy to the "Goat Tracker of the Year," there wasn't anything unusual about it; however, making sure that the trophy had as little to do with golf as possible was a stroke of genius.

(This highly-coveted award was retired after 2010, based on "an obscure codicil in the GT bylaws," to paraphrase Dean Vernon Wermer, whereby once there was a repeat "Champion," the Award would not be presented again.)  

"If you're not playing for pride and there's no longer a Goat Tracker of the Year Award, What are you playing for?"

Other than sheer enjoyment?  The GTOTY hardware has been replaced by the "Reigning GT Minor Event Low Gross Champion" trophy.


This was absolutely perfect, a truly "unpolished gem" plucked from a bin near the guard shack at a New Jersey landfill by the 2008 Goat Tracker of the Year, know as Wink (occasionally known as Wink77, but that's another story).  It's just this kind of heads up approach, dedication to Goat Tracking, and positive attitude that helped him earn the GTOTY Award in 2008.

"Playing for Pride"

Don't be ridiculous, that ship sailed a while ago; we play for something far more important at the GT Minors... (additional "Goat Tracker of the Year Award Ceremony" pics pending)

A Brief Tour of the Goat Tracking Museum, circa January, 2012 (the 2013 update was "misplaced"):

We'll rely on Sherpa/curator Jeff for better explanations of the significance of some of the exhibits in the Goat Tracking Museum, but....

Pictured at left, (starting at bottom left, moving clockwise) the signature pic from the first Minor Event of the 2010 season (tee box on #6, which inspired the quote, "Miller High Life?  Who got laid off?"; next, the backs of the scorecards from each Goat Track that was "fortunate enough" to be part of the GT Minor Event Rotation in 2009, tastefully framed; (above right) Copper Hill's pub menu, taken (with permission, for a change) following the 2010 GT Season Finale/Banquet; (turning the corner on the wall) the "o.b. sponsorship" sign taken from the Simsbury hockey team's charity event, Fall of 2010, on hole #6 (we respect the ability to sell ad space in the rough); (panning down) the GT bag towel that Sherpa Jeff earned based on his low
(Callaway) net score at the 4th GT Minor Event of 2008 at Airways; (in front of the towel) the 2006 Goat Tracker of the Year Trophy, the first ever awarded, at the GT Open in April, 2007 ("Nothing says 'golf expertise' quite like a girls' basketball
trophy") and the last GTOTY trophy ever presented in 2011 ("Why an equestrian trophy?  Why not?); (to the left) the "No Minors Allowed" sign.  It may have originally had a home at Keney's 19th, but we can't say for sure, nor do we know how it ended up in the Goat Tracking Museum, other than by "charitable donation."

The scorecard at right, which is somewhere in the above pic, gets singled out.  Golfer Number Two was thrilled to witness a bit of Tracking History as Jeff chipped in for bird on #8 at Simsbury Farms.  As noted at right, the scorecard is on loan to the GT Museum, from the family archives.  The bird is the word.

In 2006, the visionary Tracker known as "GT Duke" suggested that the Goat Trackers hold a series of events that would mirror (or parody, to be more accurate) the four PGA Majors.  At that point, the Goat Track Minor Events were officially born, with an event to parallel each of the PGA Tour's four Major events, in an evil twin/Goat Track kind of way.  This page is still under major reconstruction.

The Goat Tracking Museum

Sherpa Jeff, the founder and curator, has captured some glimpses into Goat Tracking history.  Obviously, he has been deeply moved by the Goat Tracking experience, to the point where artifacts and mementos of the Goat Trackers' excursions have been preserved and displayed for all to view and appreciate.  The GT Museum follows the same "donation protocol" as the Heublein Tower Museum nearby and that protocol is, "donations are gladly accepted and appreciated, but not expected."  Anyone moved enough to donate to the Goat Tracking Museum can make a non-tax-deductible contribution by throwing some change into the "donation jar;" proceeds from which will be used to fund the purchase of as much Natty Light, Busch, Miller High Life, or equally inexpensive beer as possible for an upcoming GT event.

Minor Notes