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The Ranch Golf Club (Southwick, Mass.); filed by Sherpa JB under the general heading, "sometimes it's just as important to know what's not a Track." (summer 2006)
Did a scouting mission at
The Ranch Golf Club yesterday.  You can leave this course off the Goat Track website for now.  The layout, conditions, staff, and facilities all combine to make this place unsuitable as a Goat Track.  I figure they may have a fire, chinch worms, plane crash, grubs, tornado, or other incident that will change the "features", enabling this course to be re-evaluated in the future.  Being a responsible Tracker, I am always looking for new candidates for Goat-Track.com.  (side note:  validating Sherpa JB's review, Golf Digest named The Ranch "Best Public Course in Massachusetts."  Definitely not a Track.)