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 Golfer Number Two's Favorite Track outside the tri-state area,The Terp Track, a/k/a the University of Maryland Golf Course (reviewed April, 2006).  This was an unexpected gem.  Situated on part of the swamp on which our Nation's capital was built, I had a chance to play this course before it reached its usual ungodly hot & humid summer conditions (with Friar Tuck as a tour guide).  Maybe my expectations were too high, but I figured that a course in a premiere Division I golf conference would be more impressive.  Not quite the case here.  Nice job of selling the comparison to the surrounding area though..."an oasis within the Beltway"; the bar for being an oasis there doesn't need to be set too high.  Once I realized I was at a Track, I settled in, found my "Track Chi" and my game improved.  Maybe it was the reed-filled marshes, reminding me of other courses like the Skunk or Del Boca Vista that made me feel right at home.

If only I could transport the terp statue near the clubhouse up to the GT, in honor of the proverbial mating snapping turtles on #2, that would be awesome.

The course met a lot of the usual Track criteria (fairways, traps, etc.), but to be fair the clubhouse and facilities were impressive (aside from the restaurant/bar being named Mulligan's, which doesn't rank too high on the originality scale).

editor's note:  the Terp Track hosted a Nationwide Tour event in June, 2011; we may need to revisit our previous review)