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The better half of Coventry's Dynamic Duo, Skungamaug River GC, a/k/a "The Skunk".  Had a chance to play here (August, 2007) for the first time since college (which was an awfully long time ago) and can offer the following (which can be framed by saying that it's not nearly the dump that I remember playing back then, but it's still worthy of consideration as a Track):

Rural Layout:  Like a lot of courses east of the River (Long Hill CC excluded), on the way to the Skunk, it doesn't take to long to cross into territory that makes think you hear "dueling banjos" ringing in your ears.  If you see stone walls on nearly every hole, you know that you're on a Track.  There's no shortage of stonework at the Skunk; in fact as we made the turn, the groundskeeping folks were using a backhoe to construct another stone wall.

Cart Paths:  All peastone, as was the parking lot, which reminds the more seasoned Trackers of how the "original" GT used to be.

More Rocks:  #8, par 3.  Fortunately, I skulled my tee shot and had an opportunity to check out the layout of the rough.  Enough rocks to build yet another wall.  Loved it.  In summary, don't worry about hitting out of the rough if you miss the Skunk's fairways, worry instead about where your ball may ping to off the rocks that lie in wait for your errant shot.  Classic example, GT Duke and I were equally and utterly amazed that I could hit a shot dead nuts right and have it ping and go o.b. left (#12).

Tee Boxes: In better shape than we're accustomed to on a Track.  Best one was #3, the undulating tee box, the waterbed of tee boxes.  There was no way to get good footing on this one; downhill, uphill, or sidehill lie, take your pick, but you weren't launching a great drive from this one, no matter what.

Greens:  In waaaaaaaaaay better shape than expected, especially on the back 9.  Speed was nicely inconsistent on the front, not so much on the back.  They seemed to have a bit more of a "turtleback" contour than we've seen on other Tracks, which made for some ugly rolls on putts and approach shots that didn't settle in as well as they would've on another Track, but that was part of the challenge.  As noted by GT Duke during his "front 9 of many one-putt greens" there was no explanation for speed; they would put on the brakes and drop, look dead and then speed up, who the hell knew where they were going...

Course Management:  GT Duke said that the Skunk doesn't set up well if you want to play a draw off the tee.  That is of course a foreign concept to most Trackers, so we'll just take his word for it.

Course Navigation:  When playing the back 9, getting to #13 requires a trip across the road and through the parking lot to get to the tee box.  Fantastic.  Holes are way spread apart on the back 9, which makes it a pain in the ass to walk.  As noted by GT Duke, the elevated tee boxes, particularly #17 may require the assistance of a Sherpa (a real Himalayan Sherpa) to traverse the uphill, gravelly ascents if you're walking; if you're riding, plan on getting familiar with dialysis.

Noteworthy Holes:  14 through 17 made interesting use of changes in elevation, to say the least.  As an added bonus, the wafting scent of cow/horse manure that I remembered from way back when was reminiscent of a walk across the UCONN campus in spring.  Two thumbs up for the Skunk!