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Airing it out over a marsh in front of the first tee should be right in the Goat Tracker wheelhouse, but it can be slightly intimidating on the first pass here.  After you hit your approach shot and realize that #1 and #6 have a shared/double green, it’s all good and you should be in the proper mindset to enjoy what Pomperaug has to offer.

Surprising signature hole:  Hole #3.  Easiest handicap hole on the scorecard.  Short dogleg right (263 yards).  Carrying a pond to cut the corner usually isn’t a big deal.  How can this possibly be the signature hole?  It’s all about options.  What makes #3 stand out as the signature hole at Pomperaug is that there are three options to carry the pond to get to Scoring Position ‘A’ for a legit birdie opportunity:  1) if you’re skilled enough to hit a low screamer, you can thread the needle, 2) you can try to carry the trees overhanging the edge of the pond, or 3) tap into your “shot shaping expertise” to work around the corner with a fade/slice.  Executing any one of those options will earn you a golf clap.  If you’re really feeling good about your swing, this hole may be drivable, which is why it’s the signature hole, as far as we’re concerned.  You can also just lay one out there and try to make par or better in a more conventional fashion from further out, but where’s the fun in that?

Other Layout Minutiae:
The yardage at Pomperaug is pretty modest, less than 3,000 yards, even if you play from the back tees.  The layout looks more grip and rip friendly than it is.  There are enough trees to make it visually appealing, but not so many that you have to deal with chopping out from them all day when you miss the fairways.

9 holes of Tracking Goodness…and there’s nothing we like better than 9-hole courses.

“If you make it difficult enough to find, we’ll only want to play it more.”  Golf course obscurity at its finest.  The GoatTrackGolf.com review of Pomperaug GC in Southbury, Connecticut (Reviewed October, 2016).

To put this into context for our readers, the navigationally-challenged Golfer Number Two originally wanted to review Pomperaug in 2014, but couldn’t find it.  This needle in a haystack had to be revisited.

Navigational cluster:  Pomperaug GC is located only about 2 miles from I-84, but is more difficult to find than it should be.  If you head in the wrong direction after turning onto the road that you think will lead you to Pomperaug, you may end up at the private club nearby, Heritage Village CC.  You won’t be allowed onto that course.  The pro shop guy there will just be puzzled, but friendly enough to redirect you to the public course.  You may be informed that Heritage Village CC has been private for fifty years.  Only fifty years?  Weak.  Nice folks, nice looking course, but too “over themselves,” in Golfer Number Two’s opinion.

Pomperaug will never be confused with the Blue Monster at Doral, but there’s water in play on the right on holes 1 through 4 and 7.  If you’re a right-handed golfer inclined to hammer it and need some wiggle room for an aggressive fade, you’ll need to up your game because the water’s in your “danger zone” most of the time.  On the other hand, if your tendency is to snap them left from the tee, this may be your new favorite course.   Water in front of the 9th green is the great equalizer, maybe.

In summary:  We like that Pomperaug provides different types of shot placement/scoring opportunities whether you’re in attack mode or dink and dunk mode.  Makes it fun for all kinds of players.  It’s an easy course to walk, plus we noticed that the pull-cart rental fleet was impressive.  On the other hand, the 4-wheeled pull carts still boggle the mind.

Although Pomperaug is enjoyable to play, the GT Value Proposition is unimpressive.  We look for a screaming bargain; this isn’t it, but there’s nothing to complain about:  the greens fees are reasonable, the conditions are good, it’s fun to play.  What else is there?

Despite its relative obscurity, Pomperaug still draws in enough people to make the course viable, which we appreciate.  Obviously, they're doing something right.  As much as we like Pomperaug GC, we're not going above...

... out of 4 for the GT logo rating

On the first attempt to find Pomperaug, it may seem like you’re trying to find the Bat Cave, based on its elusiveness and obscurity, but there are some landmarks that may help you out.  The Heritage Hotel is supposed to be one, but it’s not; it blends into the surroundings of this self-contained community of uniform construction too well.   The best landmarks that can direct you to Pomperaug are:  pass the sign on your right for the sewage treatment facility, go to the next stop sign, and take a right.  Of course, if you deviate from those directions and end up at the private course, you can say, “I took a turn after the sewage treatment plant and ended up here.”  They’ll be thrilled.