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Minnechaug Golf Course, Glastonbury CT (reviewed October, 2007)
Before my first trip to this course, I was encouraged by the listing on
ctgolfer.com, hoping for a Canton Public-esque Tracking experience, i.e. a 9-hole course in the sticks designed in the late 1940's.  Sorry to report that this course doesn't qualify as a Track, it's more of a "tweener", not quite enough "Track charm," not quite Tunxis or Rockledgeeither.  I knew something was awry when I saw the housing development  bordering the course.  I asked "Ornery Bob" (long-time resident Tracking expert east of the Connecticut River) to confirm whether this course had undergone a major design change since the housing development took root.  He sent this link, much appreciated.  Obviously I take issue with the opinion that the greens are difficult to read.  Tracking Rule #1, "there is no break on a green at a public course!" (Rockledge and Indian Springs being notable exceptions)

Course Pluses:  a brick oven pizza joint (Gina's) adjacent to the pro shop; a decent place to hang out after a round and/or solve the problem of finding dinner.  High marks given for that.

Course notes and features:
General Course Layout
Somehow a sizable housing development was squeezed in around the course.  On the first tee, there are "normal" houses across the street on the left side; on the right, a driving range fence protecting several
McMansions from errant tee shots (not to mention cutting off the driving angle to the green).  Whoever is responsible for the current course layout should've been summarily executed for the following reasons:
1) "signs, signs, everywhere a sign."   Generally, if you need more than one sign to guide you to the next tee, something has gone horribly wrong.  In this case, there were six (give or take one).  To their credit, at least they pointed you in the right direction (as opposed to the navigational cluster that is the Stanley Golf Course).  The advantage of such a setup on a nine hole course, is that if you choose to play 18, you can go "Hansel & Gretel" and leave a trail of crumbs, or empty beer cans, to mark your trail.
2) Course navigation head scratcher, the trip from the 5th green to the 6th tee requires crossing in front of the tee box on the 4th.  Do you feel lucky, punk?  Well, do ya?
3) The "
Road to Nowhere";at least a 1/2 mile trek from the 7th green to the 8th tee; clocks in around 20 min.  If you play this course on Halloween, you can probably Trick or Treat at 30 houses along the way, if you're so inclined, as you wind your way through the neighborhood.  Even though you may be too old for Trick or Treating, you should be able to grab a Snickers, which you may need to help get you through this sightseeing tour between holes  The trek from the 8th green to the 9th tee is relatively short, only a 1/4 mile or so and maybe 15 to 20 Trick or Treating stops.  On the plus side, they're nice homes, so I'm pretty sure that they stock good candy for the occasion.

Sand Ho!  We found the bunkers to be pretty fair, i.e., no steep grades on the front lips that make for unplayable shots.  Seems that someone had some free time with the backhoe, some of the traps are truly expansive.  From a Tracker perspective, two thoughts come to mind:
1) on the 2nd hole, there was so much sand that I was wondering whether they sold the houses adjacent to the fairway as beachfront timeshares
2) no doubt there is more sand in one bunker at Minnechaug than there is in every trap at the GT combined.

Greens:  unexpectedly quick for a Track, reinforcing the premise that Minnechaug isn't a Track.

Par 5's:  Great driving holes, especially #3 from the elevated tee box.  Great holes to grip & rip.  If you want the option of playing from an adjacent fairway, you're pretty much s.o.l.

"The Lorax was here":  probably the most heavily wooded course I've played in recent memory.  No amount of Track acumen can bail your ass out once you've found the trees.

Yardage markers:  The fairways were marked with the usual red, white, and blue convex dots to mark distance, but as most Trackers will attest, those are useless when you visit the fairway about as often as the
Kardashian sisters attend MENSA meetings.  An occasional 150-to the green birdhouse or stake would've been appreciated by those of us trying to triangulate distance from lies off the beaten path.

The Island Green:  After you've trekked from the 7th green, feeling like the mailman (not
Newman, of course, since he was never on his route) carrying your golf bag through the neighborhood on your seemingly unending quest to find the 8th f**k**g tee, you find the island green.  Must be a great feeling in mid-summer.  The problem with this hole is not that it's an island green, but that it requires what most Trackers consider the most difficult shot in the bag, the 3/4 wedge.  I dumped two in front, one in back and pressed on because I was running out of golf balls (used my last range ball on the 9th).

All in all, Minnechaug is an interesting course at a fair price and one that I'd play again, but it probably won't be part of the GT Minor Event rotation anytime soon, mainly based on location.  It earns a reasonable out of 4 GT logos,