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Long Hill CC, f/k/a East Hartford Golf Club
This "jewel" was the designated site for the fourth Goat Track Minor Event of 2006, based on the following review forwarded by Sherpa JB:

The review, courtesy of golfcourse.com, circa 8/03 (I think)
(on the criteria of conditions, pace, service and value, one disgruntled reviewer [obviously not a Goat Tracker] gave EHGC a score of 1 across the board).  "Worst course I have ever played.  The fairways were swamps and the greens had bare spots.  My backyard has better grass than this course.  The only challenging part of the course is the various roots, pits, tire tracks, and drainage gates that come into play throughout the course.  And to top it off, the pro at the golf shop was an angry, bitter old man.  I guess he should be angry considering his course is in such terrible shape."

This amateurish rant piqued our interest as Goat Trackers and we were finally able to work this Track into the GT Minor Event rotation in 2007 (it was replaced by the
Tradition GC in 2008).

6/21/07 The initial review (front 9, prior to the GT Minor Event held here).  Some observations:
1) By mid July, the fairways will make one think that buffalo are a species native to East Hartford.  "Pounded to a pulp" will be an understatement.  This is impressive.
2) It's been a while since I teed of on a first hole with "roadside exposure" (Canton and Southington come to mind), but you can't beat a minor domestic dispute on the other side of the road for sheer entertainment value. "On this episode of Cops, East Hartford Public..."  It kept me loose while hitting from underneath a pine tree (and saving par).
3) There was a strange white powdery substance in the bunkers which appeared to be sand.  I only recognize it as sand because I've seen it in similar quantities on the tee boxes at Keney.

8/1/08:  Viva los groundskeepers!  The "transition phase" of Long Hill CC continues.  Played 3 on the front and 6 on the back today, kudos to the seasoned Tracker who redirected me to the open holes on the back 9.  One thing is for sure.  The new management is whipping out a lot of frosting for this piece of wood, but not enough to make it a cake.  The two most noticeable aspects of the Track conditions during this 9 were:  1) the greens will be kept green, no matter what, no matter how slow they may become and 2) there will be every effort made to provide a luxurious fairway.  This was the first time playing here that there were "grounds under repair" stakes claiming large chunks of fairway, oddly enough outside of the landing zones, most noticeably on 17.  A little misguided, but we appreciate the effort and wonder where it's going.

6/27/08  The Long Hill CC update (first under the new name).  There was some concern based on this articlethat this was no longer a Goat Track.  Remain calm!  All is well!  After today's round with Ornery Bob, the only discernible differences with this course under new management are as follows, (in reverse order of importance):

1) One of the signs was changed on the front of the building (one of the original EHGC signs remains).
2) The flags have been replaced with Long Hill CC flags.
3) Some of the rough is starting to grow high in "waste areas", otherwise known as "drive landing zones," mainly on the holes at the edges of the course.
4) The "white powdery substance" in the bunkers referred to in the 6/21/07 review didn't seem to be all that prevalent during this round.  Definitely a Tracker-friendly development.
5) The greens have been cut noticeably shorter, so your chances of either losing your ball on the green or throwing your back out when your club gets caught in the high stuff are minimal.
6) The inside of the 19th was recarpeted and repainted.
7) There is now a BCC

In a nutshell, under new management, this Track is pretty much the same candy bar with a different wrapper.  Rest assured that you won't be disappointed on your next Tracking excursion here.