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...out of 4 GT logo rating that we gave the Black course, mainly because we see no need to play favorites on this muni wonderland.

In Summary:  Despite what you may hear elsewhere, there's no reason to be hatin' on the Ferris Bueller Red Course.  If you're looking for a good Goat Tracking Experience in Fairfield County, we highly recommend it and give it the same...

(drilling into, then playing from, the high voltage wire support structure near the 14th tee can be a lot of fun, after you've explained to the unsuspecting folks on the nearby 11th tee that you weren't trying to hit them)

Not to offend Augusta National folk, but after we played FB Red a couple of times, we started referring to holes 13 through 15 as (muni) Amen Corner.  Three of the most fun holes to play in sequence imaginable.

Our favorite hole on FB Red (and it's a close call) might just be #18.  Slight dogleg left, uphill, par-5, from an elevated tee.  Something for everyone.  What we liked here was the wooded area on the right.  The Goat Tracker known as Wink advised that, "You don't really have to worry about losing a ball in there.  Hammer away," but we were skeptical.  After we all launched "aggressive fades" (slices) into the trees on the right, it was like an Easter egg hunt.  Wink proved his point by finding all three "errant" drives.  Remarkable...and they were all playable!  Just potential displays of Track Acumen waiting to happen.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Ferris Bueller (Fairchild-Wheeler) Red Course.  Reviewed  September, 2010; named "2010 Goat Track of the Year."

After playing the Black Course
a couple of times, we did some informal polling outside the pro shop to determine players' preference, Black or Red.  Turned out much like a Johnnie Walker survey.  Since the majority of those who shared an opinion preferred Black, we knew that we just had to take a crack at the Red course.

The Ferris Bueller Red Course seems to be the red-headed stepchild of the two 18-hole muni courses here (oddly enough), but we can't find a good reason why.  The slope, yardage and conditions on FB Red are all pretty similar to those on FB Black (most of the comments in the Black Course review apply to the Red Course, no need to repeat them here).  If you consider yourself a Goat Tracker, you may actually prefer the Red course.  It does seem to have a certain indescribable Goat Tracker appeal to it.