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...out of 4 GT logos as our seal of approval.

It seemed like there were more doglegs than there actually were.  Maybe it was altitude sickness.  Regardless, Friar Tuck made an astute observation on #5, "Go figure.  A fire hydrant on a hole without a dog leg."  Classic.

Know Your Audience:  Kudos to Eastwoods for not screwing around with the wimpy wire waste baskets found next to most tee boxes.  Eastwoods both knows its clientele and/or can't be bothered emptying garbage cans every day.  The 30-gallon Rubbermaid route is the only way to go here.  We like that they have their priorities in order.  Golfer Number Two wasn't up to the task of "barrel research," but first impressions made it pretty clear that the drink of preference at Eastwoods sure as hell isn't Perrier or Aquafina.

Layout:  Best way to sum it up... If after some soul searching, you've determined that your own personal hell is hitting blind golf shots, bank on spending some time at Eastwoods in the afterlife.  As a frame of reference for seasoned local Goat Trackers, Eastwoods makes Tower Ridge look like Airways.  Crazy terrain up in the Torrington Himalayas, with just one blind shot after another.

Over the years, we've heard some griping, from Trackers and Sherpas alike, about courses that have too many blind shots.  If you can't find your Inner Tracker and "feel" where the ball's going off the clubface, then Eastwoods probably isn't the place for you.

Greens:  Apparently we set the bar too low, i.e. at GoatTracker level.  We're not going to say they were off the Stimpmeter, but either they were a lot quicker than expected or we were a lot slower than expected.

19th:  We didn't check it out, mainly because we hadn't hit the Torrington Tavern Circuit in eons and were looking forward to a pint or two in the thriving downtown, but Eastwoods' finishing hole must have something going for it because it seems to attract a pretty good crowd at happy hour.

Eastwoods CC has some worthy competition among Goat Tracks in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, but this was a great find.  Friar Tuck and Golfer Number Two both got the right vibe from Eastwoods.  When any Goat Track we play inspires comparisons to the former Canton Public GC (r.i.p.) it's heady stuff and in this case earns a solid...

Eastwoods Country Club (Torrington) reviewed October, 2009 with the esteemed Goat Tracker known as Friar Tuck riding shotgun.

As the sign pictured below suggests, Eastwoods CC is a happenin' place.  There aren't many Tracks that we can think of that can literally stop traffic, but Eastwoods is that rare exception.