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Eagle Sticks Golf Club (Zanesville, Ohio); review submitted summer 2007 by the venerable Friar Tuck

At first glance, Eagle Sticks doesn't seem to have much "Track cred", primarily due to the saccharinely sweet, flowery prose on the home page, which would nauseate most Trackers, as well as course conditions that are unlike anything to which we're accustomed (i.e., far better maintained).  That said, there are two aspects that have earned this course a spot here:  1) a great twilight special.  Not a big fan of the POP (pay one price) greens fees as a matter of principle, but $25 at a top 100 public course is a great value and a lot better than one could hope for at a similar local/Connecticut course, Richter Public; 2) by their own admission, EagleSticks is in the middle of nowhere, which lends it a certain Track credibility.