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Greens:  Moderately-sized and puttable; can't ask for much more than that.  We're way too far into the GT review process to explain why there's no break, but we can see how the whole "sinking a lot of money into the course" thing paid off here.  These greens easily could've been a train wreck, but they weren't.

In Summary: Maybe our review of Canaan Country Club is biased because we convinced ourselves that any course we'd drive an hour to play can't suck, but despite going over the railroad crossing to get to the course, Canaan Country Club is definitely not a trip to the "wrong side of the tracks, " from a Goat Tracker perspective.  A great Track to play, especially if you don't want to overthink every shot.  Great rural layout.  We're almost embarrassed to give it only...

Navigation:  Similar to Quarry View; if you're in the mood for a leisurely drive into the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, you should be all over it.  For those not too trusting of mapquest/googlemaps, which includes most sane people, rest assured that the course is indeed located approximately one half mile down Route 7 south, after turning off Route 44. Good luck seeing the sign for the course on the first pass if you're not checking your trip odometer.  For those familiar with an "Airways driveby," this is pretty similar.  On the other hand, if your schedule is flexible, you have options.  Since Canaan Country Club is nestled within the Connecticut Wine Trail, if you and your golf buds are inclined to either re-enact or create a Connecticut-based sequel to Sideways, this is the place to do it.  If you just overshoot the mark and drive a few more miles, crossing into Salisbury, the entrance to the Appalaichian Trail is another viable option.

Layout:  Best described as wide open.

After playing the par-4 6th hole, it became obvious that, despite its fairly simple layout, Canaan CC lends itself to some interesting wagering opportunities.  One can miss the 6th green by 100 yards on either side and still stay in bounds for an up & down (even more impressive than the 6th at Keney, as noted in the 2006 Urban Goat Track Open review, "farthest from the pin" kicker ).  The next logical step seemed to be taking advantage of Canaan CC's wide open layout and playing the course like a game of H-O-R-S-E, "drive into the next fairway, fire back over the trees, lowest score wins."  Brilliant.

Bunkers:  Generally kept to a maximum of two front/greenside bunkers per hole; notable exception being #4, with two behind the green, in addition to the two obnoxious high-lipped traps in front (unfortunately, the pic is unpostable).  Best of the bunch was the fairway trap on #4 (another unpostable pic).  With the grass sprouting out, it wasn't difficult to recognize that its main function was to give Trackers an idea of where the dogleg started; a courtesy trap, if you will.

Fairways/Rough:   On this trip, Canaan CC was a "victim" of casual water.  Appparently, it's been a season-long thing,  based on the algae growing in the low spot in the middle of the par-3 8th (another bad pic, unfortunately).  We can't hold the "build an ark rainfall" this year against the folks trying to maintain the course.  We did appreciate that the rough was lower than "
threshable height," given the wet conditions.

Water Hazards:  At Canaan CC, they mainly revolve around the brooks and adjoining "junk" coming into play on the right side of #2, #3, and #6.  If you're a lefty with a massive slice, you have nothing to worry about.  We're still trying to figure out what the massive bird hunkered in the brook on #3 was; heron, egret, who knows.  Pretty sure it wasn't a flamingo.  We need to do some follow-up research on this.

Canaan Country Club, Canaan (reviewed August, 2009)

Canaan Country Club made the list of Tracks to review in 2009 mainly because of its proximity to Quarry View GC (~3 miles from that parking lot, 2 1/2 miles from the landmark East Canaan Package Store, the best benchmark we know of in the northwest corner).  When we were told by a guy who was added to our group at Tunxis back in June that "[The folks at Canaan] put a lot of money into the course," we had to check it out for ourselves, since we've seen a lot of golf sites and heard a lot of b.s. on the subject that just doesn't measure up to the hype.