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The wire fence at the Windham Club that lets you know that you shouldn't try to get back in the fairway from the trailer park after an errant drive is something we appreciate.  Almost as much as we appreciate the "if you broke it, you bought it" sign behind the 18th green at Cedar Ridge, pictured above.

executive and par-30 tracks
new haven area & shoreline Tracks
goat tracks east of the river
goat tracks west of the river

northwest corner Tracks

We do our best to find & play them, but there are a lot more local Goat Tracks out there that need to be given some pub.  If you've got a Track to add to the list, email goattracker@yahoo.com and we'll put our best reviewers on it.

Tracks in the GT minor event
  • Copper Hill (updated review not yet posted)
  • Keney (updated review pending.... don't expect to hear anything nearly as positive as you may have heard/read elsewhere)
  • Airways


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