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Finally (October, 2015) posted some pics (at right), to let the Tracking Public know how things are progressing on the "golf course rebuild."

(There seems to be a fair amount of bullshit in the article referenced above, but we're reserving judgment until the course is finally back in play; May, 2016.  The Keney layout is classic; one of our all-time favorites.)

  • 2015 Penmar Municipal GC
  • ​​2014 Hotchkiss
  • 2013 Woodhaven
  • 2012 Country Club of Woodbridge
  • 2011 Harrisville GC
  • 2010 Ferris Bueller-Red
  • 2009 Grossinger's Little G
  • 2008 Hawk's Landing
  • 2007 Goody

GT Update of the year, 2015:  It's all about Hard Hittin' New Britain!  It'll be the 2016 Update of the Year until it gets knocked off its perch, possibly with a glock.

When a local news story combines the terms "golf etiquette" and "pulled out a gun," it's bound to grab some attention from GT readers, especially when it's at a course with which we're familiar and have reviewed on this site.  The GT take on it; almost by popular demand.

The seasonally-adjusted Keneyriffic Index...

... went on hiatus after we played Del Boca Vista on Christmas Eve, but...the index is almost always a 10 every day during Sim Season.  Not familiar with Sim Golf?  Check the reviews on the More Tracks page.

In a nutshell, as a GT site fan once put it...

"Why TW when you can GT?"  Good point.


Hats, bag towels, commemorative T-shirts; we have everything to improve your game, other than lessons.

Why the chalk outlines on the Keneyriffic Index?  Short answer:  9th rough near the access road; police tape, body recovered, end of story; a Keney classic.

We're replacing the usual block of disclaimer nonsense with this one.  As anyone in these parts knows, the Goat Tracking Season extended waaayyy beyond what we could've reasonably expected; so far past those expectations that local news crews were capturing it for public consumption.  Of course, our Christmas Eve golf was better because it maximized the GoatTrackGolf Value Proposition; it cost nothing and was quick, or quick enough.  As always, we highly recommend checking out the Frog Rock from Simsbury Farms when it pops up at right, it's the most iconic slab on the GT site.  Very relaxing.

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After the leaves are down and the pins have been pulled, we select an "Award Winning Track" for the year.  Sometimes it's a Goat Track, sometimes not; either way, it's the most enjoyable "golf experience" of the year, in our opinion. 

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Is it a good day to golf in the greater Hartford area (8 chalk outlines out of 10 or above)?  Forget Doppler!  You can (usually) trust the Keneyriffic Index.

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  • Golf Club of Avon; reviewed in October (private course, obviously not a Goat Track) lagging a bit on posting the review
  • ​We may also update the Goody (Goodwin GC) review to set the record straight on the puff piece revisionist history found in this article.