We still have some reviews to post and a lot of clean-up work to do, but the updates for now are:

  • the Mile Square GC review Orange County, California
  • Final NCAA pool standings (PDF) updated for all 8 possible outcomes.
  • if interested in participating in the upcoming Masters pool, send an email.  I'm trying to gauge the interest level before setting up the entry form.

goat track golf

"informative...in a useless sort of way..."

other off season  updates on goat-tRACK.com

Is it a good day to golf in the greater Hartford area (8 chalk outlines out of 10 or above)?  Forget Doppler!  You can (usually) trust the Keneyriffic Index.

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award winning Tracks

After the leaves are down and the pins have been pulled, we select an "Award Winning Track" for the year.  Sometimes it's a Goat Track, sometimes not; either way, it's the most enjoyable "golf experience" of the year, in our opinion. 

Previous "Winners":

  • 2013 Woodhaven
  • 2012 Country Club of Woodbridge
  • 2011 Harrisville GC
  • 2010 Ferris Bueller-Red
  • 2009 Grossinger's Little G
  • 2008 Hawk's Landing
  • 2007 Goody
the GT pro shop

off season updates on

We're in the process of converting the GT site to a new format that still has a lot of unresolved technical/design flaws.  There's a ton of clean-up work remaining here, but we're moving in the right direction.  If you run across a GT review that has no pics, it's probably because they got f'd in the conversion process and we haven't cleaned it up yet.  Be patient, we'll fix it.

Why the chalk outlines on the Keneyriffic Index?  Short answer, 9th rough near the access road, police tape, body recovered, end of story; a Keney classic.

In a nutshell, as a GT site fan once put it :  "Why TW when you can GT?"  Good point.


Hats, bag towels, commemorative T-shirts; we have everything to improve your game, other than lessons.

The First Official Keneyriffic Index of the 2014 Tracking Season (4/3-4/6) is:

  • Thursday:  7 chalk outlines out of 10
  • Friday:  6
  • Saturday:  6
  • Sunday:  7