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GT Update of the decade:  It's all about Hard Hittin' New Britain!  It was originally the 2015 Update of the Year, but it's the reigning update until it gets knocked off its perch, possibly with a glock.

When a local news story combines the terms "golf etiquette" and "pulled out a gun," it's bound to grab some attention from GT readers, especially when it's at a course with which we're familiar and have reviewed on this site.  The GT take on it; almost by popular demand.

The Keneyriffic Index for 5/15 - 5/19 is...

Monday:  7 chalk outlines out of 10

Tuesday:  9

Wednesday:  9

Thursday:  9

Friday:  9

If you enjoy golf, or sitting on your ass mind-melding with a screen while reading about golf, or are staring at your phone as you walk into oncoming traffic, you may be in the right place.  GoatTrackGolf.com will help you kill time and avoid eye contact, while possibly providing some useful nuggets along the way.

May:  the list of Tracks to review in 2017 is taking shape.   There are some links from prior reviews on this site that have gone bad.  They're in the process of being replaced.

As always, we highly recommend checking out the Frog Rock from Simsbury Farms when it pops up (at right on desk view or below on phone view) it's the most iconic slab on the GT site.  Very soothing in the sunset...

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After the leaves are down and the pins have been pulled, we select an "Award Winning Track" for the year.  Sometimes it's a Goat Track, sometimes not; either way, it's the most enjoyable "golf experience" of the year, in our opinion. 

Previous "Winners"...

award winning Tracks

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Is it a good day to golf in the greater Hartford area (8 chalk outlines out of 10 or above)?  Forget Doppler!  You can (usually) trust the Keneyriffic Index.

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  • 2015 Penmar Municipal GC
  • ​​2014 Hotchkiss
  • 2013 Woodhaven
  • 2012 Country Club of Woodbridge
  • 2011 Harrisville GC
  • 2010 Ferris Bueller-Red
  • 2009 Grossinger's Little G
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In a nutshell, as a GT site fan once put it...

"Why TW when you can GT?"  Good point.


Hats, bag towels, commemorative T-shirts; we have everything to improve your game, other than lessons.

Why the chalk outlines on the Keneyriffic Index?  Short answer:  9th rough near the access road; police tape, body recovered, end of story; a Keney classic.​

As anyone who's read anything on the GT site knows, the pending review of the New and Improved Keney was touted as possibly the "most important" review of 2016.  It's still important, but we're tamping it down a bit and rethinking how this review will be presented.  We're inclined to hold off on posting the review until the refurbished clubhouse opens in April.

After months of operating solely on facebook, Keney finally got a live site running late in 2016, that we can't link to.  Their loss.

Most Recent Reviews Posted: 

​​Reviews in the GT pipeline (at various stages of editing, to be posted eventually, [the "posted soon" ship already sailed]):

  • Keney​
  • Mulligans (sim golf at the restaurant at Eastwoods GC, Torrington)

​On the back burner:

  • a review of Canton Public GC.  Even though the course no longer exists, it's etched in GT lore and the review will be true to GoatTrackGolf.com form, "Informative in a Useless Sort of Way."
  • ​An update of the Copper Hill GC review, following significant course improvements...and other stuff, is probably necessary at some point.